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In the scenic town of Port Macquarie, where nature’s beauty is celebrated at every corner, your home’s landscape stands as a canvas ready to echo the exquisite surroundings. At Landscaping Port Macquarie, we understand that your outdoor space is not just property; it’s a part of your lifestyle, a place for relaxation, entertainment, and a reflection of your personal aesthetic. We are dedicated to crafting landscapes that not only blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of Port Macquarie but also enhance your quality of life.

Landscape Design

Every stunning landscape begins with a vision. Our landscape design services are at the heart of what we do, combining artistry with functionality. We listen closely to your desires and needs, transforming them into a practical and beautiful design plan. Our designers use the latest CAD technology to provide you with previews of your future outdoor oasis, ensuring every element from plant selection to thematic styling is tailored to your preferences.


Paving is more than just laying stones; it’s about creating paths that lead and areas that invite. Whether it’s the walkway to your front door or a patio for summer barbeques, our paving solutions use high-quality materials that complement your garden and home exterior. From classic cobblestones to modern porcelain slabs, we ensure durability and style in every step.

Retaining Walls

In the sloping terrains of Port Macquarie, retaining walls are essential not only for functional terrain management but also for aesthetic appeal. Our retaining wall solutions utilize materials that fit your landscape’s theme and are built to last. These structures are key in preventing soil erosion, managing water runoff, and creating terraced levels for planting and other landscape features.

Lawn Installation

A lush, green lawn serves as the foundation of any garden. At Landscaping Port Macquarie, we specialize in both seed-based and turf lawn installations that thrive in the local climate. We prepare the ground meticulously, ensuring that drainage and soil quality are optimized, resulting in a vibrant and healthy lawn that enhances the overall look and feel of your property.


Decking extends your living space, brings comfort, and adds value to your home. Our bespoke decking solutions are crafted from high-quality timbers or modern composite materials, depending on your maintenance preferences and aesthetic tastes. Perfect for outdoor dining, a quiet outdoor retreat, or an area for entertaining guests, a well-designed deck can transform the way you enjoy your outdoor space.

Landscape Construction

Turning a design into reality requires precision and expertise. Our landscape construction team meticulously implements your design from the ground up, ensuring every element is perfect. From earthmoving and soil preparation to the final touches of mulching and planting, we handle it all with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Garden Maintenance

To ensure your garden remains as stunning as the day it was completed, we offer comprehensive garden maintenance services. This includes routine lawn care, pruning, mulching, fertilization, and pest and disease management. Our maintenance plans are customizable to fit your specific needs and schedule, ensuring your landscape stays in peak condition year-round.

General Landscaping

Apart from our specialized services, we provide general landscaping work tailored to any specific requests or needs you might have. This can range from simple garden makeovers to more complex landscaping projects involving multiple elements and integrated systems.


A fence is not just a boundary; it’s a complement to your landscape’s character. We provide a range of fencing options, from wooden privacy fences to elegant wrought iron and durable PVC, designed to enhance security and privacy while improving the aesthetic appeal of your property.

And Much Much More!

At Landscaping Port Macquarie, our services are as vast as your imagination. Whether you need custom water features, outdoor lighting for ambiance, or specialized plant advice, we’re here to help you create the landscape you’ve always dreamed of.


With Landscaping Port Macquarie, your outdoor space is in expert hands. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that every aspect of your landscape is thoughtfully designed, meticulously executed, and carefully maintained. Contact us today to start

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